“DropZen has helped me to focus on getting a little better at one thing at a time, which really cuts down on feeling overwhelmed by all of the improvements I’d like to make. I particularly like the way that it suggests that I do something deliberate—just one thing, just today—then asks me later how it went. That small concept, a reminder coupled with choice and accountability, is very powerful and has already had a big impact on my life.”

–Chris from MD

“DropZen has provided me with a fresh approach for monitoring the most important facets of personal development. The app is simple to set up with non-obtrusive interaction. Personal goals and objectives are brought into focus from different angles. For some things I need daily reminders, others less frequently. DropZen allows me to target certain times of the day or week, when I need a nudge to pull my thoughts briefly away from relentless work demands. These gentle reminders call my attention to personal objectives which are part of the bigger picture for me personally and for our family. Also, it is handy to be able to give a weighted value to the accomplishment of certain tasks. This enables me to measure progress and recognize patterns of behavior over time. For myself, DropZen has become a critical method for developing healthy lifestyle habits and establishing a more consistent pursuance of long term life aspirations.”

–Matt from PA

The concept of the app is growing on me. I set it up with only one very generic priority (family), and it’s still nice. It convinced me to make waffles for the family this weekend, which pleasantly surprised them.

–John from PA

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