Procrastinate the Fear

Founder of enYouVen, Scott Larsen tries to use his background and experience to help make the world a significantly better place.

Sammy Davis Jr. is reported to have said “You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.”

I always heard the dichotomy as

“unhappiness comes from giving up what you want most for what you want now.”

I went through my TODO list this morning, and marked only the absolute top priority ones, the ones that absolutely had to be done, and had deadlines.  Then I printed only the ones that must be done within this next week: 51.  And of those, 38 of them will probably take me more than 6 hours each.  Commitment vs fear?  Most vs now? What’re those folks even talking about?

Always in Motion

I have a different theory,

…and it goes like this:

We all have, at any given time, a fair sized list of options in front of us.  Maybe some of them are bad – that’s life sometimes, but at least there’s usually more than one option available to us, usually even more than one thing on our plate.  Even at those times when we really hate all our options: at least we can find more than one, even if one of them is really bad.  Sometimes we have lots of great options instead.

And then, as life goes, we choose one.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that this time we chose the very best-est topmost one on the list.

And what you just chose, in choosing this best one, is to not do the other ones.

Choosing the best thing on your list is called…

You’re a procrastinator.  You’re a procrastinator because you chose to do something: and in doing that you put off all the other options.  Yeah, you chose the very best-est, most-important-est, you-really-should-choose-this-one-est, this-will-really-make-you-happiest-est one on the list: super, and good for you! In choosing to do that instead of all your other options, you put them off.  You chose not to do all the other things, and that makes you a procrastinator.

Let’s call that “good” procrastination.  Of course there’s such a thing as bad procrastination also.  What makes the difference?  Easy: are you choosing what you want most? are you choosing your commitment?  And by the way: What’s Sammy mean by “commitment” anyway?

Reset the Question:

Sammy Davis Jr 1989 (cropped)Let’s go back to our list of options.  I used some un-English words up there, like “best-est,” to describe something that is actually a little hard.  It’s nice to say that it’s easy to prioritize our list, that it’s easy to know what goes on top – but sometimes it’s just plain really tough.  In deciding, sometimes it’s easier to approach it from the other side: if I procrastinate this option, will it be good procrastination, or bad procrastination?

And I posit that there’s only one person that can answer that one: You.

What’s Sammy’s “commitment” about?  It’s about you.  Bad procrastination has another definition: it’s when you’re not being true (c.f. here, here, here, etc.).

I challenge you to start with 10 minutes. Be true for 10 minutes: procrastinate everything else on your list.  If you like the results, try it for an hour – work your way up.  If you’re like me, sometimes even 10 minutes can be a little uncomfortable.

And that, my friend, is what Sammy called “fear.”

Procrastinate the Fear.

The Intelligent Life: a Practical Study

Founder of enYouVen, Scott Larsen tries to use his background and experience to help make the world a significantly better place.

enYouVen: like “enlighten” or “enliven”

— except all about You.

We’re billing this blog as: “The Intelligent Life: a Practical Study.”  So obviously: “well what does that mean?” – so let’s start there. We as humans are more intelligent than rocks will ever be – there’s something about being us, something distinguishing, and I’m calling that something: “intelligence.”   I want more of it.  But I suspect that what I think it looks like in my life is different than what you think it looks like in your life.  So today we’re talking about me, intelligence, enYouVen, and you.

Building the intelligent life starts with what you've got.

Building the intelligent life starts with what you’ve got.

Would I consider myself an intelligent person? Sure, but I also sure wish I had more of it and applied it better. I’m living a somewhat intelligent life – and I want to live a more intelligent life. I’m going to accomplish that by learning from others, studying, seeking, and looking anywhere I can find more truth and understanding. But also crucial: I need to figure out how to incorporate it into my life. This is a practical study. This blog is for anyone wanting to live a more intelligent life, or live their life more intelligently (those two aren’t quite the same thing).

In the end though, this blog will probably carry some of my own flavors. So then: who am I?

I hope you’ll find me open and willing to have serious discussions about anything brought up here – I promise to do my best. I’m no classic business PR person (obviously I use unconventional grammatical constructions sometimes, and I’m not afraid to hit on curious topics, and I’m always going to write “being myself” in my own “voice”). What you’re going to get on this blog is me, the real me. You’ll also see me trying to become a better me, and you’ll see others here doing the same, and hopefully you’ll join us.

What’s a better me look like? What’s a more intelligent me look like? And what do I look like when I’m living more intelligently? Obviously (though perhaps incorrectly, we’ll discuss that one soon also), this starts with: who is this “me” we’re talking about? For starters:

  • I’m way awesome
  • I’m funny and I like to make people laugh
  • I’m smart, bright, intelligent, quick witted, and other awesome descriptive words
  • I’m hard working
  • I’m well educated
  • I prioritize how I spend my time in a way that aligns with my priorties
  • I’m happy, confident, at peace with myself, etc.
  • … and so on.

Except of course: I’m not.

Those are actually a few of the pieces of someone that I sometimes like to think that I am. But I’m not nearly as awesome as all that (and there are days when it’s all too painfully clear).

Some of those points about myself are kinda generic (e.g. many people want to be happy), but in reality, my internal picture of the best me is a picture that’s very personal. Both personal because it’s intimately a part of me, and personal because it’s shaped by my own experiences and personal uniqueness. Seque enYouVen:  like “enlighten” or “enliven” — except all about You Putting more of you, into you. We aim to better enable you to become the best you — as defined by you.

My vision of me is different from your vision of you, and should be. Each of us should have a unique picture of our best self, and it’s ok for that picture to be personal. enYouVen is about supporting you in your quest to be your best you. You’ll see we have a lot of great tools up our sleeves (and coming down the pike) that we hope you’ll find to be your go-to toolbox. Hammers, wrenches, glue guns, bobby pins, etc. All just tools. Use them in ways they weren’t intended. Use them for your life, to make your life The Intelligent Life, for real.